Automatically track the time you spend reading and writing email

Email Stopwatch tracks the time that you spend in Outlook and sends you an automatic report

  • Make More Money – Bill more time by properly tracking the time that you spend in your inbox
  • Less Painful Time Tracking – No more going through Outlook at the end of the day to see where your day went
  • More Productive Staff – Staff will no longer waste time tracking all their individual emails without worrying about too much overhead
  • More Accurate Billing – Confirm billing numbers before invoicing and get properly paid for your time, especially with clients who love to email :)
  • Happier Employees – Makes one of the most painful parts of their day easier and they get to do more of what they like doing

Get 2 weeks worth of email tracking on us. No credit card required. Setup in 5 min.

Email Stopwatch frees from a time clock

98% of offices who try Email Stopwatch, stick with us

Let our customers tell you why

“Not tracking email properly results in me alone (a sole proprietor) losing about $5,000-$10,000 every year. A big firm would be upwards of $25,000. This software is what accountants need to make that money back”
“We do a terrible job tracking our email time because each of us gets any where from 40-100 emails every day. I just don’t have the time or patience to accurately track all those little emails in and out but it’s also stressful looking at my inbox at the end of the day trying to guess. I’m glad we finally found Email Stopwatch. It takes one of the major hassles out of my day”

Everyone Loves Email Stopwatch

Employees and Owners Love Email Stopwatch. Here’s Why

Employees Love It

Employees Loving Email Stopwatch

  • No more guessing at time
  • More (legitamate) billable hours
  • Don’t have to change your current work flow
  • Makes filling in time sheets less painful
  • No more going through Outlook at the end of the day to fill in your time sheet
  • More time to work on prodcutive tasks instead of filling out time sheet
  • Never forget to bill for hours spent in your inbox

Owners Love It

owner loving email stopwatch

  • More accurate pricing and time keeping
  • Increases the productivity of your team
  • Better evaluations of staff and partners
  • Less time billed to overhead
  • More profitable practice
  • Happier employees (time sheets are painful)
  • Better records for clients who fight invoices
  • Get paid when putting answers in writing
  • Confirm billing before sending out invoices
  • Keep tabs on non-work related email
  • Protect yourself from short pays and invoice disputes
  • Systematize your email time keeping

Get 2 weeks worth of email tracking on us. See how much time you spend in your inbox for the next 14days for free

Why Use Email Stopwatch?

With the ability to automatically track the time that you spend on email, it is hard not to use Email Stopwatch

Get Paid What You Deserve

Email isn’t going away. Office workers spend up to 25% of their day on email and it’s growing. Even while on vacation you now have to spend time clearing your inbox, just so that when you return to the office you don’t have 1000s of emails to go through. It’s just not practical to write down every few minutes you spend on each email, but the reality is that all of those minutes add of to hours. And all of those lost hours add up to lost $1000s. You need an easy system to capture all that time for you and your team.

Trusted By Offices Across North America

From one man shows to companies with 100s of employees, Email Stopwatch is being used to track time spent on emails around the world. In fact, 98% of all companies that try Email Stopwatch, stick with Email Stopwatch. See some of our happy customers here.

A Huge Return On Investment

With pricing that starts at as little as $9 per month and proven results that track more than 25% of our customer’s workday, Email Stopwatch makes a great investment for any office. On average, Email Stopwatch generates $10 more for every $1 spent on Email Stopwatch. Don’t believe us? We built an ROI Calculator to prove it.

Get Setup In Minutes

We’ve taken the pain out of getting started with a new software. Our simple, easy-to-use web app and desktop software allows you to get setup and start passively tracking your email time within 5 minutes. We also provide complimentary “Done For You Setup Services” where somebody does all the setup work for you. You can get started for free here.

Super Hero Like Support

With technology, problems are inevitable. What’s more inevitable is that you’ll always be able to get a real person via phone, email or live chat and we’ll resolve your issues within the very same business day. Its one of the reasons why 98% of companies that try Email Stopwatch, stick with Email Stopwatch.

No Contracts, Simple Pricing, FREE Trial

Email Stopwatch believes that long term contracts are appauling. Pay per month and upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Our pricing is simple and transparent, what you see is what you will get billed – no hidden costs or licensing fees. If you have five minutes, start automatically tracking your time spent on email today with Email Stopwatch.

14-Day FREE Trial – No Credit Card Required – Get Started In Seconds