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Email Stopwatch

Email Time Tracking

Now Is The Time To Learn More About The Automatic Email Time Tracking Plugin That EVERYONE Is Talking About. 


  • Stop WASTING Time – Your employees will NEVER need to go through Outlook at the end of the day to track time spent on email. Your firm has NO reason to waste time when accurate, automated, and effective email plugins like Email Stopwatch are available.
  • Start Billing Accurately – Get the real numbers and stop letting your employees “guess.” It’s the 21st century, clients expect and you deserve accurate email time tracking reports. You’ll be surprised, most of the time you can actually bill MORE time by implementing proper, automatically recorded tracking.
  • Forget About Manual Trackers – Manual tracking is a thing of the past. Forget about wasted time, effort and energy. Eliminate efficiency roadblocks and start implementing innovative software solutions that enhance profit and boost your ability to report accurate billing information to your clients.
  • No More Databases – Isn’t it time to get rid of complicated and antiquated database files? Email Stopwatch will let you ditch notes, timers, and repositories of cluttered time tracking information. One system, integrated right into Outlook and completely automated can handle it all.
  • Truly Automated Time Tracking – Click below, get set up in minutes, and start reporting time spent on emails accurately. From small, 10 person firms or sole service providers to large 100+ employee companies, Email Stopwatch is the perfect automated time tracking plugin that can handle it all.
  • Increase Productivity –You’re about to find out just how much time is wasted on email tracking with a FREE trial of Email Stopwatch. You’ll see increases in billing hours, your clients will appreciate accuracy, and your employees will be glad your firm has finally started implementing the latest tracking technology.

The ‘Old-Fashioned’ Way Doesn’t Work.
Track Time Like It’s The 21st Century.

Let’s face it.

Manual time tracking is old-fashioned. It’s outdated. It’s gone over the hill.
If your employees are still tracking time spend on email communication like it’s 1998, it’s time to join the 21st century and start utilizing automated time tracking technology that works flawlessly with Microsoft Outlook.

Your firm no longer needs intricate, over-complicated, time consuming email tracking procedures. You no longer have to worry about over billing or under billing a client for time spent on email. You can confidently increase productivity and accurately receive reports time spent on email—broken down by any criteria that you choose.

With Email Stopwatch, all of your email time tracking problems are solved.

Ever wonder how much time you are wasting on email? 

Ever wonder how much time your employees are wasting?

Have you ever thought about how accurate your time reporting is?

With just one click you can know.

Precise time tracking for every size firm—large and small—is now available and affordable.

Simple To Implement.
Completely Secure.
100% Automated.

Set Up With Just A Few Clicks – Software implementation has never been simpler. Our easy-to-use web app and desktop software lets you get started in just 5 minutes. We also offer “Done For You Setup Services” if you need assistance. One of our experts can get your started at no additional cost. 

Flawless Outlook Compatibility – Email Stopwatch integrates flawlessly with Microsoft Outlook. You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Our plugin was designed and tested to perfectly complement Outlook.

Reporting Made Easy – When you’re working on hundreds of inbox messages a day, it isn’t practical to track every single email by hand. All of those minutes add up to hours—sometimes many of those minutes are lost. Now, you can generate reports on time spent by subject or client quickly and easily.

Completely Secure – Enterprise servers located in Canada’s premier telecommunications hub store your sensitive email time records. Email Stopwatch uploads and communicates your time tracking information using the latest security and encryption protocols—the same standards utilized by the U.S. and Canadian governments to encrypt sensitive data.

Trusted Everywhere – There’s a reason why 98% of the firms that use Email Stopwatch stick with us for email tracking services. As an innovator in email tracking software, we’re trusted by firms big and small throughout North America.

How Does Email Stopwatch Work?

One Step Installation – It starts with setup. If you’re already using Microsoft Outlook to manage client emails, all you have to do is click below and complete the easy 5 minute installation process. After installation, Email Stopwatch maintains itself. There’s nothing left to do!

Outlook Integration – Email Stopwatch perfectly complements Outlook. It gathers information on time spent emailing in a variety of categories, tracking by date, engagement time, subject, email address and more. Information is updated to a database that Email Stopwatch maintains for you.

Web-Based Reporting – At the end of each day, Email Stopwatch automatically sends an email time report to each user. You can also use the web-based application to track and generate email time reports based on specific criteria or client. You can generate reports in seconds!

Less Hassle – At the end of the day, you reduce a process that can be incredibly complex to one simple, push-button software plugin. Email Stopwatch integrates with Outlook on your side, our web-based software lets you generate time reports with the push of a button. You and your employees spend less time dealing with email tracking.

More Profit – All of the minutes that don’t get logged add up! And you already know how picky clients are about billing. You’ll be able to maximize profit by increasing productivity and finding the actual amount of time your firm spends on email.

 Clear Benefits For Employees.
Even Better Results For Employers.

Employees love Email Stopwatch!

They no longer have to guess when it comes to the time spent clearing out inboxes with hundreds of messages.

Instead of changing their workflow and adapting to a completely new tracking system, employees get to remove something from their workflow. Taking out the seconds (or even minutes) that employees spend manually tracking time every day gives employees more time to focus on their jobs. They’ll spend less time with busy work and more time doing what they are good at.

Employees love automated reporting. No more filling out end of the day timesheets, no more billing errors, no more painful, time consuming workflow roadblocks.

Employers love Email Stopwatch even more!

As you can imagine, the feedback we get from employers who have implemented Email Stopwatch is nothing short of incredible!

Team productivity increases! And as it does, profit soars.

Accuracy in time reporting leads to pricing and billing accuracies. Additionally, time tracking and email time management helps employers monitor employee email usage to identify and address productivity problems.

We all know that clients want to pay bottom dollar for top notch work—once you implement Email Stopwatch, you’ll get hard data that you can use to demonstrate the true number of hours spent with email communication. Invoice disputes and short pays are a thing of the past!

Isn’t it time to systemize your time keeping?

 It Pays To Be The Best.
98% Of Firms Who Try Email Stopwatch,
Stick With Us 

“Not tracking email properly results in me alone (a sole proprietor) losing about $5,000-$10,000 every year. A big firm would be upwards of $25,000. This software is what accountants need to make that money back”

-Mike Z.

“We do a terrible job tracking our email time because each of us gets any where from 40-100 emails every day. I just don’t have the time or patience to accurately track all those little emails in and out but it’s also stressful looking at my inbox at the end of the day trying to guess. I’m glad we finally found Email Stopwatch. It takes one of the major hassles out of my day”

-Hugh S.

“Although even a small business or firm may want to use it as an aid to efficiency—how much time are you spending with particular clients and other business associates—the Email Stopwatch emphasizes its management uses. Managing partners or CFOs, for example, can use it to manage their staff’s email activities. With an administrator account, they can see if they’re making efficient use of their time in Outlook.”

-Richard K. Accounting Web Review


The 100% Secure Solution With NO Content Collection.
We Take Job Of Protecting Your Email Data Seriously.

Secure Servers – Our enterprise grade servers are located in one of Canada’s premier telecommunications hubs. Along with Email Stopwatch, our server location is trusted by Bell, Rogers, Verizon and IBM—companies that deal with massive amounts of sensitive information every day.

24/7 Security – Our servers and security protocols are monitored by properly trained specialists who are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Email Stopwatch has a strong uptime record and an even stronger reputation for security monitoring and data protection.

Powerful Encryption – Email Stopwatch utilizes the latest security protocols to upload email data from the Outlook plugin to our servers as well as transmit the data back to you via the web-based application. We use military-grade encryption protocols to guarantee that your email information remains safe.

No Content Collection – We don’t collect the internal content of emails. The only information that we upload and store are sender, receiver, and time information. This means that even in the very unlikely event that our servers are compromised, none of the internal contents of your firms emails are released.

Superhero Support – You don’t have to worry about technology. Our superhero support team has you covered. If you need help implementing or using Email Stopwatch, you’ll always be able to get it from a real person via phone, email or live chat. We guarantee that any issue can be resolved same-day.

98% Of Firms Who Try It, Love It.
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No Long-Term Contracts.
Simple Month To Month Pricing.
A Completely FREE 14 Day Trial.

Email Stopwatch doesn’t hide fees and we don’t rope you into a long-term contract like other tech-industry service providers.

You get to decide when to cancel.

You get to decide which Email Stopwatch subscription level is right for your firm.

There are no hidden costs, no secret fees, and absolutely no reasons to not consider trying Email Stopwatch for FREE starting today.

Remember, 98% of the firms that try Email Stopwatch for FREE decide to keep using it.

Even if your firm falls into the 2% that don’t believe Email Stopwatch will work for them, this FREE trial is worth a try!

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