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Track and Bill for the time that you spend reading and writing emails

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Automatic, accurate tracking of time spent on email

Email Stopwatch accurately tracks the time that you spend reading and writing email while in Outlook. It knows when you are working on an email and when you’ve walked away from your computer. It takes that info, categorizes it by the email sender/receiver and sends you a simple report.

No More Timing Email Time
Simple Email Timing Report

Simple reporting w/ summarized information.

A summary report of the time that you spent reading and writing emails in Microsoft Outlook will be sent to you on demand or on a regular schedule, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. This report allows you to work through your inbox without having to worry about tracking the time. It give your more accurate time tracking and back up for invoice disputes.

See your employees email activities

Make sure that your employees are making good use of their time. Admin accounts can log into the web based software and see if staff are being productive with the time that they spend in Outlook. If staff are being unproductive, they can be trained and shown how to use email more efficiently.

Simple Email Timing Report

Detailed reporting w/ summarized information.

If you need to check back and see usage of past months or you want to see a more detailed report than the one that is sent to you, you can log on to our web app and see what is missing with a few clicks.

Done for you setup and training is included

We’ve taken the pain out of getting started with a new software. Our simple, easy-to-use web app and desktop software allows you to get setup and start passively tracking your email time within 5 minutes. We also provide complimentary “Done For You Setup Services” where somebody does all the setup work for you. You can get started for free here. We also offer a free 1 hour online training that you can use with your whole team.

Super Hero Like Support

With technology, problems are inevitable. What’s more inevitable is that you’ll always be able to get a real person via phone, email or live chat and we’ll resolve your issues within the very same business day. Its one of the reasons why 98% of companies that try Email Stopwatch, stick with Email Stopwatch.

Super Secure

We use enterprise grade servers that exceed industry standards for security. They’re located is Canada’s premier telecommunications hub with 24 x 7 x 365 security, trusted by, and home to companies like: Bell, Rogers, Verizon, and IBM. If that’s not enough, we follow the latest security policies & protocols and our web server security is configured, maintained & monitored by professional engineers 24/7. Also, we don’t collect data on the contents of your email, only information on the sender, receiver and what time it was sent.

Get 2 weeks worth of email tracking on us. See how much time you spend in your inbox for the next 14days for free

“Not tracking email properly results in me alone (a sole proprietor) losing about $5,000-$10,000 every year. A big firm would be upwards of $25,000. This software is what accountants need to make that money back”

“We do a terrible job tracking our email time because each of us gets any where from 40-100 emails every day. I just don’t have the time or patience to accurately track all those little emails in and out but it’s also stressful looking at my inbox at the end of the day trying to guess. I’m glad we finally found Email Stopwatch. It takes one of the major hassles out of my day”

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