How to Attract The Best Talent At Your Accounting Firm

Your firm is more than a workplace. It’s where you dedicate your time and resources to further not just your career, but also those of your colleagues. Together, you form a team that builds a name and reputation for the firm.

The strength of your team and firm depends on attracting the right talent. How can you ensure your firm does this?

Attracting Seasoned Talent

Attracting seasoned talent isn’t a matter of targeting the professionals with proven talent and offering them a bigger salary. The top talent in the industry usually has 10 plus years of experience backing them. In order to attract them, you need to show your interest in:

  • Growth – Top talent are searching the best career growth opportunities. When recruiting seasoned talent, outline how your firm will provide training and development to keep their career growth moving upward.
  • Work Environment - Now more and more, people are looking for a better work/life balance. You could promote this at your firm by hosting team bonding and fun activities for the office. For more specific ideas to promote a better work environment check out the book: Accounting Firm Owners: The 7 Secrets You Know To Increase Profits in 2014. 
  • Money - Seasoned candidates are often looking for the next big challenge, but they’re still going to compare your salary offering to that of other firms. Make sure your employment package is competitive when it comes to money and benefits.
  • Location - Seasoned candidates are interested in better schools, transportation, and housing when compared to their current location. Highlight these amenities near your firm’s location to attract top-notch talent.

Attracting New Blood

Attracting new blood isn’t simply a matter of snatching up the best and the brightest entering the industry. It’s also about attracting candidates that bring real world knowhow capable of propelling the firm forward.

As new professionals enter the accounting industry, they bring with them insights about the best technologies to perform their jobs and better serve your clients. Address this when searching for new talent. Make it clear that you want to see a proactive candidate, capable of propelling the firm forward with new technologies.

Accounting graduates will find your firm attractive if you can show them:

  • Status – Is your firm well known? If it’s not, attracting new blood will be a challenge. Accounting graduates want to work for firms that can show they’re established, respected, and visible to at least the local area.
  • Networking - Although graduates are somewhat “green behind the ears,” they know opportunity when they see it. If your firm works with important people and organizations of influence, new talent will be more likely to seek out your firm. LinkedIn is a great resource to highlight connections.
  • Culture – Workplace culture is important to fresh blood because they prefer to combine work with play. Your firm can attract them by showcasing its social side through tasteful team photos and videos.
  • Location - Fresh talent is often looking for a great nightlife, young demographic, good weather, and diverse culture. Highlight how your firm’s location delivers this to attract them.

Your firm no doubt has many assets to offer seasoned and new talent. Be sure to showcase these assets through social profiles and web copy. By spotlighting assets openly, you’ll encourage a steady stream of all the right talent.



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