The Secret Powers of Time

Watch this video to see how your perception of time affects your work, health and well-being.

This video is narrated by the author of The Time Paradox, Professor Philip Zombardo.

What’s really interesting is that Philip and his team have put together a free questionnaire that you can take that will tell you more about the way that you perceive time. I took it and it really made me aware of how I think time and how it relates to my life. You can find it here: Time Perception Questionnaire

The results questionnaire made me realize that I generally will worry about the future, instead of enjoying the present. Although this is good in many ways, it also could potentially make me less happy because I’m always worried about the future instead of enjoying the present. The survey really gave me an interesting amount of insight and I highly recommend it.

If you’re interested in learned more about how you perceive time, you can get The Time Paradox on Amazon here: The Time Paradox

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